I truly left inspired after leaving church this particular Sunday and hearing the message by our guest pastor Randy Bezet. It was a beautiful reminder on how to look at pain in our lives. The truth of the matter is that pain is inevitable. Yet, misery is optional. We have all experienced or at some point will experience pain. If you’re like me, I’ve felt the wide spectrum of hurt on my own journey. Wherever you are on the pain spectrum, know this friend: that there is a gift of pain! As Pastor Bezet stated,

The greatest lessons of life are almost always taught in the classroom of suffering.

If we change our perspective and see pain as our greatest teacher, we will also see our greatest growth. Pain happens and it comes from the enemy. Satan is the ultimate pain giver and will attack us in our weaknesses and pride (Bezet). I love what Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:9, “…My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” The gift of pain will allow us to recognize that enduring pain is one of the ways, perhaps the main way, God works his grace deeply into our lives (Chand).

The Classroom for Growth

I wrote a blog post several years ago on a book I read titled, Leadership Pain by Samuel Chand. It’s one of the best books I have read on understanding Purpose for your pain. Below you will find some of my top quotes from the book. God wastes nothing. My hope is that you are encouraged by the Word of God that He works all things for our good. When we allow pain to have its way in us, the lesson can have its way through us as we become channels of compassion, love, and courage we’ve found in our pain (Chand).

  • Often the difference between where I am and where God wants me to be is the pain I’m unwilling to endure.
  • You’ll grow only to the threshold of your pain.
  • If you lead long enough, you’ll inevitably endure the deep wounds of betrayal.
  • For those who want quick fixes I have found there aren’t any – and there never have been.
  • How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.

The Gift of Leadership Pain

  • The word “passion” literally means “pain.” Passion is about suffering for what you love.
  • Sometimes God delivers you from the fiery furnace; other times He makes you fireproof!
  • Perfectionism wrecks us and poisons our hearts. Grace restores us.
  • Difficulties are God’s curriculum for those who want to excel.
  • As a leader, your most valuable resource is your own heart.
  • People and organizations grow with the fertilizer of pain. It’s a principle of the kingdom. To live, something has to die.
  • Become a person who has learned to bounce back in life.
  • Our faith and character are developed most powerfully in times of adversity.
  • God sometimes delivers us from pain. But more often he delivers us through it.
  • God did not promise us a happy life; He promised us a meaningful one.

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