9 Simple Date Ideas for Couples After Having a Baby

You and your spouse give a romantic gaze into each others’ eyes across the dinner table. You even play footsie to flirt with your spouse. Then, out of nowhere, a piece of chicken nugget flings across the table, snapping you back into reality. The kids and baby quickly garner all of the attention again as you and your loved one calm the ensuing baby cries and toddler demands. Since having kids your world is easily consumed with the every day tasks of parenting/motherhood. Below are 9 Simple date ideas for couples after having a baby.

“Don’t ever stop dating your wife and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband.”


Relationships change when kids come into the picture. Statistics show that the schedule, the show of affection, activities, and vacations all goes towards the kids and not the marriage (Highlands). So it’s no surprise when The Gottman Institute found that within three years of the birth of a child, approximately two-thirds of couples state the quality of their relationship declines. And within five years of the birth of the first child, thirteen percent of marriages end in divorce (Gottman Institute). So how do we maintain the love in our marriages while also navigating this new world of parenting? Dating. Below are 9 simple date ideas for couples after having a baby.

Take a stroll, wear the baby, and spend quality time with your spouse!

Now You Are Married With Kids!

A healthy relationship with your spouse is not just important for the sake of the marriage. It’s actually the greatest gift you can give your kids as well. My husband and I are a part of a parenting on purpose curriculum with our church. We’re learning that coming together as a couple is a must for training and disciplining our kids. Our children need the confidence that mom and dad love each other. There are three key tips we can do as couples to cultivate our marriages when we have kids: 1) Consider or continue a date night or date lunch with your spouse, 2) Show love for your spouse openly in front of your kids, and 3) Give your marriage priority time (Highlands). In the following post we will focus on the date experience. Below are 9 simple date ideas for couples after having a baby.

9 Simple Date Ideas for Couples After Having a Baby

Bring Your Kids with you!

If a caregiver or family is unable to watch the kids and baby, then bring the kids with you! Once you feed and change the baby’s diaper, plan to do one of the following with your spouse and a pleasant and or napping child:

  • Take a stroll – a nice walk with the stroller in fresh air and quality time with your spouse is a win win for everyone! Walking helps with postpartum recovery. This is a great way to enjoy your spouse and have intentional conversations. Remember, these are simple ideas. The main idea is to make your marriage a priority. Even if its doing so with a stroll down the neighborhood, in the mall, or at a family event.
  • Take a ride – one of our favorite things to do with the family is take a scenic drive around town because it’s one of the few times my husband and I can get quiet time together. Usually the motion of the car makes the babies fall asleep and so we can enjoy our time as if we were alone together.
  • Wear the baby – now we’re getting a little more creative! A whole new world of fun date opportunities open up when you consider wearing your baby instead of pushing the baby in a stroller. Go somewhere you and your spouse wouldn’t be able to with a bulky stroller around. Don’t forget to have fun again.
9 Simple Date Ideas for Couples After Having A Baby
9 Simple Date Ideas for Couples After Having a Baby. Dinner with Hubby.

Let Family Watch Your Baby

There are somedays that you will want and need to just leave the kids with family or a trusted caregiver. There will be times when the kids are present. However, remember to make time and keep it about the two of you only. To my Mamas, get dressed up and out of those PJs! Remember, before becoming a mom, you were you and a wife. Take time to remember what you enjoy with and about your spouse! Here are a few simple and inexpensive ideas:

  • Grab some Ice Cream – Brusters is the go to spot for us when we just want to enjoy a good dessert and some simple quality time. If ice cream is not your jam, consider another dessert spot or making your own sweets and going to a park to enjoy adult conversations.
  • Dinner – the traditional dinner and can be as simple or elegant as you make it. This will be a good outing to get dressed up for each other and make your relationship a priority. You can also add in a movie, but talking and laughing with your spouse is even better.
  • Miniature Golf – This can be golf, bowling, laser tag, painting class, or something fun in nature. Laughter is so important for a healthy relationship and going to events such as this can spark those laughs again.

Plan Something At Home

The best times are after bed-time! Take advantage of when the baby and kids are asleep to make time for your significant other.

  • Cook Dinner together or Order in – Build a bond by making some delicious food together. Or if the both of you are too tired to even think about cooking, order in and enjoy a nice meal in the comfort of your home with just the two of you. You can even make it romantic by setting a candle light dinner.
  • Game Night – There are so many fun games you can play with your spouse. Turn the TV and cell phones off and enjoy your spouse in a round of fun and laughter.
  • Romantic Fort – I read this elsewhere and thought how creative and thoughtful this was! If the baby is going to be up in the night, why not build a fort and make it a sleepover?! Handling the newborn stages together builds the relationship up as opposed to if one partner was doing it all alone.

Date night is a must and essential to any relationship but especially after having a baby. These are 9 simple date ideas for couples but feel free to comment and list any other suggestions for dating after having kids below!

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