8 Simple + Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Finding the right gift for guys can be challenging at times. If you’re like me, every Christmas, anniversary, or birthday comes with endless searches on what to gift my husband. Sometimes the best gifts are not the most expensive. I thought I would gather a short list of 8 simple + thoughtful gift ideas for your husband. Hopefully these ideas will draw each of you closer together. Most ideas were drawn from (Marriage after God blog).

“Love is the greatest gift when given. It is the highest honor when received!”


8 Simple + Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Husband

  • Duty Free Day – Take over your hubby’s duties for a day at the home and allow him to gain some much needed rest and relaxation.
  • Great food and conversation – Let him pick his favorite restaurant or even cook his favorite meal. Sit down and enjoy the friendship, conversation, and quality time with your husband. Sometimes the best intimacy is loving each others’ company.
  • Stuff a bag/stocking with letters or notes of affirmations – Purchase a new lunch bag or toiletry bag that he needs, or stocking, and fill it up with notes that show appreciation for your husband. Encourage and compliment your husband on his physical appearance, character, role as a husband, his work, his parenting, help around the house, how he loves you, etc.
  • “Hijack” his car – Take the car while he is at work or not anticipating using the car and get it washed or detailed. Leave it as a surprise for him with a sexy note in the dashboard.
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Merry Christmas!

Some other ideas below:

  • Romantic night – Just the two of you with no kids. With the holiday season, you can include a mistletoe, Santa hat, and I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.
  • Intentional Prayer – Let him know that you are thinking about him and covering him in prayer as his wife.
  • New lingerie and fragrance – You can make this fun by trying on different lingerie and sending him pictures of which one he likes the best. Yes honey, time to throw away those comfortable grandma panties and level up your under garments. Surprise him with a new fragrance as well.
  • Bless others – Create a meaningful experience by coming together as a couple and being a blessing to others. The memory and gesture of giving back will always outweigh what we do for ourselves.

Hope these ideas help or even spark some creativity on your own. Let me know in the comments if you have any fun or additional ideas.

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One Comment

  1. The greatest gift that you can give
    (please let your heart not feel betrayed)
    is to step back and let me live
    and die the way that I was made.
    I know, dear, that you hate to see
    me beaten down by cancer,
    but taking all my tasks from me
    seems blessing, but it’s not the answer,
    for endless days of quiet rest
    simply serve to dull my core,
    and I think it’s really best
    to do all that I can, and more.
    I know, love, that it makes you cry,
    but on my feet’s how I should die.

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